Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Go Lookie.. I got drawed.. How EXCITING.. I'm soo happy.. It's furry nice of Snowy and Crystals Mama to draw a picture of ME! Go visit and see what you thinks.. I thinks she did a good job. Mama got tears in her eyes cuz one of the pictures is of ME the day I went home wiffs my new family. I was wide eyed and big eared.. Curious ME didn't know what I was in for....

More pictures hopefully later this week or the week end for sure. I've been away from my Mama for a few days BUT EVFURRYTHING is fine.. She just had to do something for a while.. We move into our new housie on Aug. 1st though - I'll have a big yard I'M SO EXCITED.. I can runs in the dirt and grass and HOPEFULLY NOT GET ANY OF THOSE DUMB FOX TAILS.. Ewww I hate them!!

I hope evfurry Pup and Dog and C.A.T. and etc., is all goods and happy!

Bell girl


  1. Bell, be extra patient with your Mommy 'cause moving is VERY hard on humans! She will probably need lots of snuggles during the weeks to come! I 'member how much stress was in our house when we moved!


  2. I hope the purple paw is all better. How exciting that you will have a yard to run in. Take good care of Mommy and help her move your toys.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. Oh Bell, we bet that you miss your mommy even if you were apart for only few days...We are sure you both will be excited when seeing each other again (we are also not with mommy at this period, so we all are excited for the day that we will be back to together again ^_^ )

    We look forward to seeing the new photos .

    We wanna wish your mommy and you the best in your move. Hope it goes smoothly :) YAAY Bell, you will have your vewy own big yard - so exciting

    MAltese PAws


  4. hehehe! we loved the drawing of you. the eyes were perfect--!!!!

  5. We saw those beautiful drawings, too bad Mom is away, but you will have so much fun when you get to your new home.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Hey Bell, you will be with your mom soon! We are all looking forward to some new piccy's!


  7. great drawings and cool bloggie we are following them now too

    good luck on yout move

    Woodrow Sweetie & MJ

  8. We saw it. The drawing is so nice. It really looks like you cutie pie. ^_^

  9. Bell, those drawings are priceless. You are lucky to have such good furiends. You won't know what to do having your own yard...how exciting!
    Love and hugs,