Monday, July 6, 2009

Extra Long Sunday... 2 trips to Fiesta Island

Sniff Sniffsssssssssssssss Mmmmmmmmmmmmm FRESH SALTY AIR
what's this I see?! (cowering to my 1/2 Cheetah Pose)it's a bunch of Weimaraners, and they've taken over this camp.. BOL.. I didn't want to go down there, I just watched from above.. that was HILARIOUS! They just went wild like DOGS GONE WILD @ camp
here's me and daddy walking @ Fiesta Island. Isn't it cool how there is water down the hill and dirt down the other hills.. I runs back and forths. Mama said something about the sky looks wierd way far away...
so I just was enjoying .... IS THAT A DOG PEE'ING DOWN BELOW.. gosh! like I was saying, I'm enjoying some tasty waters with helps from daddy..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand time to run!
I ran right into this doggy.. Yah I saw him, but I still runned into him
he's trying to escape me... Ooooh noooo you dont!!
Okay I had to let that dog go. I was thirsties again
I walked wiffs this doggy but I dont theenk this doggy likes walking wiffs me
so again, I'll run it out..
see my doggys spits
it's sooo fun running on the beachy
ooooooh Nooooooooooooooo,,, DOWN BUTT DOWN... !!!!
YOU GUYS DIDN'T SEE THAT DID YOU.. WHEW! Lookie who's coming into the park...
it's more of me's... There are ME's all over the place... big me's and little me's.. cool huh..
braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakes.... and STOP! .. i was going to chase this doggy but the water gots deeper.. so, I'll just walk around up here on the shore and pretend I'm not skrrrd of going into the deep water like ALL THE OTHER DOGS.. am I doing something wrong?
rope rope rope.. i see a rope..
the ROPE owners are all wrestling around see em, meanwhile I'm just frolicking along happy as a Weim can be wiffs a rope toy..
wait? WHAT? I cant keep it??
I WUZ JUST CHASING A BLACK DOGGY AND IT JUMPED INTO THE BUSHIES.. there's a just made little hole in the bushes and he disappeared
where'd you go black dog??
Ummm, is this a mirror? Are you my mother? Or do you know me? I look like you...
Hey you're big.. I hope's I'm bigs like you when I's grows ups..
you're crazy dog.. get out of the black hole...such a brave doggy
I didn't know what to do.. they were both hiding from me's in this black hole thingy.
I'll just hike down to the beach for a while...
I thought daddy wanted to dance, but he said something about a BALL
mama found this heart shaped rock. She took this picture cuz she remembers seeing someone collects heart shaped rocks. CANT REMEMBER WHO THO.?
oooh pretty colors..
i'M ALWAYS so firsties
i had to get my nose in here to show evfurry one that my nose is the size of this doggies HEAD
I'm getting sorta poopied out from all this new running up and down hills from beach to land to beach to hills to I NEED A DRINK!
here I am running after my daddy. The boy is riding the girls bike and the girl is watching while daddy is riding the boys bike.. I'M SO CONFUSED!
I'LL GET YOU MY PRETTY... (I likes to play bites the butts and no one else likes that game?)
Oooh the girl helped me find somethings
AND THAT WAS IT.. I was tireded... Mama got me and the bike in the car and whammo.. I was out!
there's my happy mama.. In this 1st video. I'm showing off my skills I've learned from watching Animal Planet.. This is my Cheetah pose, going in for the kill! OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT...

tHIS guy does a flippy while tied to the back of a boat.. that's brave!!!


  1. Heya, Bell! We knew we'd be jealous reading your blog! Aw, man, you got the life out there, girl! Here we are, stuck in sub-urban land... That's alright, we'll live vicariously through you!

    Glad you had a good holiday--but every day looks like holiday for you! :)


  2. oh bell - you always look like you are having such a good time!

  3. hello bell its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow now i reely hav to git mama and dada to tayk me bak to feeesta iland i am so missing owt!!! did the big pipe finaly wurk loose frum the sand or is that a diffrent pipe wot washd ashore??? ennyway to anser yore kwestchun i do not liv in the mithical land of sandy eggo i liv in the mithical land of oshunside on akkownt of mama and dada evidently cud not afford a howse in the mithical land of sandy eggo hay dada didnt yoo ever heer of overtime or wurking too jobs??? oh wel thats ok oshunside is nice too mutter mutter mumble mumble ennyway i shud be at feeesta iland in a fyoo weeks on satterday for a vizsla meetup maybe we wil see yoo their!!! ok bye

  4. Hi Bell, great pics and I can see you are having lots of fun on the beach.

  5. Bell, you should be in a movie. That cheetah pose is awesome, you are so good at it. My Mom and I especially love when both of your ears are going straight up when you are running and of course when your butt goes up. There were a lot of doggies like you there.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. what a great time at the beach - mommy has one of those board and she gets tied to the back of the boat with it too - but she cant do flips.....yet

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  7. Hi Belle, I am so surprised that you have not been discovered yet!!! You should soooo be on the big screen!!

    Beach Smileys!

  8. Hi Belle,

    That beach with all the doggies looks like great fun! You sure seemed to be having a terrific time.

    Wags & wiggles,

  9. Hi Bell and Kimberly!
    It's Golden Honey's mom here..thank you for stopping by Honey's site!! We have a new little golden pal, not sure if you knew....Sierra Rose....come by and see her:
    We miss Honey terribly! Yet, Sierra came to us at a good time, and is keeping us on our toes!
    Great photos on your site!

  10. Wow--wat a fun day wif all of da doggehs!!

    Gus and Waldo

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