Wednesday, July 1, 2009

good times and a baby birdie..

THIS IS A PICTURE OF A MAMA BIRD (see her in the middle of the picture on the sticks?)
Check my under carriage. Lookie my Butt.. it's trying to take off... woaaaaaaaaaahI ran it out though, took control of that butt before take off (BOL) I'd be scared flying upside down!Ummmmm, I didn't do that.... it wasn't me Mama says I look like a pretty girl in this picture.. I like the REAL grass!!...this is one of the street signs in my neighborhood. We live where Snow White does. She's all over the place too, in people's windows and our front yard w/the little 2 leggers..i see you kitty.... I WONDER, "HOW MUCH IS THAT C.A.T. IN THE WINDOW?"I'm sniffin's the C.A.T.'S roses, keepin' my eyes on that little C.A.T. I wonder if it's the same C.A.T. that was watching me before...There were LOTS of birdies on the other side of this fence... I wonder what they're all talking about.. Almost to the play area.. I'm sooo excited!!!! Here's me posing with one of the MANY fire extinguishers in our neighborhood. BEWARE OF DOG! ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA ~ HOLD EVFURRY THING... THIS THING HAS FEATHERS... IS TRYING TO FLY AND..... (mom suddenly drops the camera and runs to stop me, she didn't realize it was a baby birdie nor did she it or she would NOT HAVE let me off my leash)dont worries.. Mama ruined my fun and stopped me from getting the baby birdie.. I did catch My Mama was so sad about the baby birdy, she said it must have fallen from it's nest. The first picture on this post shows the MAMA bird looking down at her baby. When I saw the baby birdie at first (JUST AFTER MY MAMA DROPPED THE CAMERA) the mama birdie flew down and was trying to get me away from the lil baby.
So long baby birdie friend.. Hope I didn't scare you too much.

My mama is really sad about this baby birdie because someone told us that since I pawed the baby birdie that his mama might not want to help it now.. is that true? SORRY BIRDIE IF IT IS TRUE.. :( but, mama thinks the baby birdie will fly soon because it did try to fly away from me when I was running to see it up close...

does this make me a BAD DOG?


  1. hope the baby birdie is okay - and hopefully the mamma birdie takes it back -

    woodrow sweetie mj

  2. That is an old wives tale about the birds...not to worry, his momma will take care of him. You had quite a busy day, young lady! Tell your mom she did a great job with the camera.
    Love and hugs, Twix

  3. I'm sure the birdie will be fine - Momma Nature wouldn't let the Birdie Momma stop taking care of her chicks because you got a little close - wouldn't be a good way to make sure that the chicks lived to adult-hood. Anyhoo... I have to say, I'm really enjoying your walks. I love the paw prints on the butt - how could THAT have happened?!? But you have to watch out for your own butt - mine sometimes tries to get ahead of my front feet - doesn't work so well... But gosh you are PRETTY!!!! And yeah, I totally want to be best flying flappy eared friends - 'cause we'd make such a great pair! (I may have to talk to Mom about 'adding' me to one of your pictures!).

    *kissey face*

  4. Hi Bell,
    I think you look much too innocent to have caused the problem on your mom's pants. Perhaps, she just sat in something.

    I love your flying butt picture! Did you take off? My butt would never take off. I'm much too.........grounded.


  5. Hi Bell! It is nice to meetcha. I have lots of doggie friends with blogs; they are all real friendly. You sure are pretty, and I can see you have tons of fun!

  6. Hello Miss Bell!! Woo is so pretty! I loved da pictures of woo frolicking in da grass and stuffs! Who put those lovely paw prints on the hooman's pants? They look real good! And woo must not play wif strange c-a-t's...they have cooties...well, not Huffle...Huffle is not really a cat...but a me!!! The only cats that don't have cooties are the ones raised by us dogs! And I'm sure the birdie will be ok...woo didn't mean to do nothing that birdie has probably flown away!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  7. You're not a bad dog! That baby birdie will be just fine. It is learning how to fly.

    Your flying butt picture is funny but the photo that followed of you trying to stop is hilarious! You remind us of a baby giraffe... all legs!

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  8. Good thing your mom was there to stop you from eating the baby bird!!! Still no beach? well at least you are still getting out and about =)

  9. I am sure the baby birdie is fine and the momma helped it back in the nest. I (ok, maybe mommy)found a nest in our plant in my backyard and it has rocks in it. Well, mommy says they are eggs, but they look like rocks to me. She told me this morning she will help me tell you about them when she gets home from work...OOPS, don't tell her I got on her laptop while she wasn't home...

    Happy Birdie smileys!

  10. I think you look very nice in your pictures and I don't think you are a bad dog. Sometimes those doggy feelings take over and its hard to control. I hope your birdy friend is ok. One time we had a bird nest right on our front porch in a flower basket. One of the birds fell out and Mom called the humane society. They said it is not true that if you touch them, the mommy won't want them back. So we, well she put it back and a few days later they all flew away.

    licks and sniffs,; Sasha

  11. hello bell its dennis the vizsla dog hay do not wurry my mama has a buk wot is calld no bad dogs so no yoo ar not a bad dog ok bye

  12. no that is NOT true about handling a baby bird and the mom not wanting it. the best thing to do is try and keep the baby bird away from harm and then the mom will feed it from the ground until it will fly.
    Belle looks sweet in her pics!

  13. Hey Belle!
    What GREAT walk!! We always get paw prints all over mummy too, she moans about it but we are just making her outfit look prettier!
    I'm sure the bird will be ok!! xx Scotty xx

  14. hey bell - i love that picture of your butt in the air - I wish we could have lunch too!