Sunday, May 31, 2009

Super Sunday (TONS OF FUN)

Good Sunday everyone! :)
I'm bad with names but this face is too adorable to forget, he is being doggysitted by a girl 2legger. What a lucky dog to come to dog beach, and we are lucky to meet him!most of you may be wondering WHY? would I put a picture of KID ROCK on my blog???
this guy TOTALLY COULD BE a LOOK-A-LIKE Kid Rock... (the 2 legger on the right) BOL!...big dog in the middle really caught my camera lens A LOT!!! how cute is he!
i just thought this shot was WAY TOO COOL :) I had to share it! run doggies run
a view of the OCEAN BEACH PIER from Dog Beach ~ lots of people fish off that pier. EWW! lol
Handsome popped up again... just look @ that face! pier in the background - 1 HAPPY DOG!
Bell was helping the 2 legger find her way back to start with her furfriend and the other Wiemaraner she found to play with - we didn't know the other dog SORRY FURFRIEND!
pause for Daddy Loves.... had to capture it for his dad!
his face lights up the entire picture.... Bell looks very similar dont you think. Except she's got them floppy lips that hang down BOL...
boy dog is lucky he didn't get anxiety disorder, Bells hair is growing back finally POOR HER dont like to be alone @ all... she's 9 months (Sept. 9th) he's approx. 6 months or 7? :) hee hee
"WHAT IS THAT??????"
IT'S KID ROCK LOOK-A-LIKE GUY AGAIN... Bell is moving in for a closer look!!!
Bell and I were both in awe of this white doggy.... We should have gotten his doggygraph!
Look @ him in the air to the right... HOLY DOG PAW, WHAT A PAWSOME MOVE!!!!
I met these 2 yesterday - their mommy 2 legger has the same name as my girl Belle. Except it's short for Isabelle (hope I spelled it right)! Great faces!!
this is like a doggy scene from Gone With the Wind! bahrooooooooooo
this little furfriend moved too quick for a good shot, must be used to paparazzi dodging!!
this dog should be in movies!!!
here Bell is trying to explain she's not starving herself and her mom does feed her -, "I am just so picky you know - but I'm takin care of furry well."
footprints in the sand
Mom loves these pictures of me running through water, cant you tell I'm just thrilled?
"oh my Dog!, my feet are moving so fast I hope I dont eat $hit", Bells thinking!
"okay dogs, Chase me now...."
"GET AWAY FROM ME PARIS HILTON" or whoever you are!!!
"ARE YOU SURE WE SHOULD TELL THEM MY SECRET POWER MOM?" Bell is nervous about everydog finding out her secret........
"yes it is true.... I can fly!" SOARING OVER SAND BELL HAS TAKEN OFF!!!
ANOTHER VIEW furr all you dogs that dont believe us!!
this is "TEMPTIDE" Riptide is in front and Tempest is furrying along right behind!
Apparently Bell isn't so sure of the "LITTLE DOGS" but as for me, I'm very excited. The whole reason I started my blog is because I was told of their 2Leggers blog @ !
We learned that Tempest really doesn't think Bell is that great!
this doggy stole the show.. I let Bell run wild on the beach while I had a photo phrenzy moment with this big fluffy!!
he was so happy to be @ dog beach... he's a gorgeous mess!!! How ADORABLE!!jACK rUSSEL dUDE cAME bY tO sAY hI... "HIGH FIVE LITTLE DOG"!I think Bell was looking @ the same thing I was ~THOSE FEET~ they fluff out under water.. THAT'S FUN!! "Hi it's me Bell. My mom really liked this doggy - she furgot his name though BAHRROOOO BOL she ALWAYS furgets dog names.. I just thought I'd throw that out there since she take so many pictures & it gets REALLY OLD.... PAYBACKS MOM!!"..I was just talking to his mom about baths, and VOILA ~ BIG BOY DECIDED TO LAY DOWN! TOO FUNNY!!!wish I could have caught his whole body, but this picture really stands out to me!! Happy Dog"I wonder if I pee'd in here, if anyone would notice?" (lol, j/k!)I've learned over this week end... THIS IS MOST DEFINATELY BELL'S, "LET'S GO" pose!
Tempest, nice to meet you buddy, and your 2 leggers too!!!

Good Night EVERYONE & AFURRYDOG...Bell & Kimberly & PEE ESSS.. I took quite a few more pictures of some of the dogs posted - if you'd like me to e-mail you the other pictures let me know - - sorry I made this email address in high school! LOL!!!


BaCkWaRdS sAtUrDaY

(So, I forgot to post the pictures the other way around so .. here's pix from Saturday from pm to am)
We'll start with Princess ~ she's my friends (Lady) dog and she's so old yet so cute still!
I brought her some treats, and always try to remember some when I see her, I just love Princess!
This is Bell's prize for being such a good girl for me today and being a good girl in the BATH!!!
"Gee Mom, this thing ish delishiiousshhh" muncha muncha muncha
"are you kidding me mom, this things almost as big as my head?"
"What IS THAT!!!!!!???" Bell sitting pretty for her yummy KnUcKlE bOnE..
Bell could NOT WAIT to get out of the car... she was out so fast she had to come back for me, the front door wouldn't open for her LOL!
mY gIRL FreeZing COLD on the way home.. Lil sissy - I had the heater on and covered her with 2 of my sweaters!
she bundled up so quick on the seat.. BRRRRRRRRRRRR! she was shivering!!!
While @ the beach (@ 6:30am-8:30am) we ran into this lil doggy. I believe his name was MooShoo and he just moved here to California from Prescott Arizona.. WELCOME TO DOG BEACH MOOSHOO!!
MooShoo is very old, but still a little trooper @ dog beach! HIGH FIVEI just thought this dog is so very pretty - had to post it! Looks Akita but I'm not positive!...this lil doggy kept running up on Bell, as soon as she darted back LITTLE DOGGY GOT SUBMISSIVE! BOL...
Bell hasn't been to the beach quite so early. Neither have I for that matter - it was misty the WHOLE TIME I took very few photos because I had to protect my high tech $200 camera LOL - I'M KIDDING! It's got so much sand in it I'm lucky the darn thing still works! This I found it... is Bells, "I'M READY TO GO POSE!"