Sunday, May 31, 2009

BaCkWaRdS sAtUrDaY

(So, I forgot to post the pictures the other way around so .. here's pix from Saturday from pm to am)
We'll start with Princess ~ she's my friends (Lady) dog and she's so old yet so cute still!
I brought her some treats, and always try to remember some when I see her, I just love Princess!
This is Bell's prize for being such a good girl for me today and being a good girl in the BATH!!!
"Gee Mom, this thing ish delishiiousshhh" muncha muncha muncha
"are you kidding me mom, this things almost as big as my head?"
"What IS THAT!!!!!!???" Bell sitting pretty for her yummy KnUcKlE bOnE..
Bell could NOT WAIT to get out of the car... she was out so fast she had to come back for me, the front door wouldn't open for her LOL!
mY gIRL FreeZing COLD on the way home.. Lil sissy - I had the heater on and covered her with 2 of my sweaters!
she bundled up so quick on the seat.. BRRRRRRRRRRRR! she was shivering!!!
While @ the beach (@ 6:30am-8:30am) we ran into this lil doggy. I believe his name was MooShoo and he just moved here to California from Prescott Arizona.. WELCOME TO DOG BEACH MOOSHOO!!
MooShoo is very old, but still a little trooper @ dog beach! HIGH FIVEI just thought this dog is so very pretty - had to post it! Looks Akita but I'm not positive!...this lil doggy kept running up on Bell, as soon as she darted back LITTLE DOGGY GOT SUBMISSIVE! BOL...
Bell hasn't been to the beach quite so early. Neither have I for that matter - it was misty the WHOLE TIME I took very few photos because I had to protect my high tech $200 camera LOL - I'M KIDDING! It's got so much sand in it I'm lucky the darn thing still works! This I found it... is Bells, "I'M READY TO GO POSE!"



  1. is mooshoo's tongue hanging out? how funny? i like the pic of bell in front of the pier- her collar blends right in with the line of the pier. neat!

  2. Cool blog! We stumbled across it when reading GoldenSamantha's blog. Sounds like Belle has an awesome time at the beach and meets a lot of cool friends. I am a big Weim fan so we'll be poppying by often :) I like that Akita you posted, too.