Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday's Finest @ Dog Beach

Starting it off with the dog that made the adrenaline kick in... (white dog=bad dog) The guy in the picture is the human of the yellow dog!
Bell knew he was bad news... she kept her distance!
Then - these 2 came strolling along and cleared the tension a bit!!!
Got a picture of the owner AFTER THIS DOG caused all kinds of chaos on the beach - the guy was drunk and said his dog "got out" and he's been "searching for him everywhere". He needs to get pee'd on!
This little doggy had a unique eye. Guess his mom bit him as a baby and it healed looking asian.
Regardless of being bit by mama dog - this little trooper can hold his own. Bell always has to play rough!
Yayyy, Bell FINALLY went and got the ball and brought it back!!!
..then she shook herself silly...
and ended up looking like Goofy!!
these 2 saw the ball and wanted a piece of the action.....
Just before catching the bouncing ball... funny shot!
Bell looking down from Tower 6 see's there is BIG TROUBLE!!
You can see how MEAN this dog is. What a jerk. I love dogs - but this one had to GO!!!
This white dog was causing A LOT OF PROBLEMS and kept attacking this poor yellow dog (and another but I was too worried about the other dog to take any pictures at the time).
This dog kept going at it and no one was claiming him.
WOAH - Sorry little dog - Bell's sorta Out Of Control sometimes
Bell always finds the cool croud to play with.
ooh I couldn't resist. I had to pet this one...
this lil doggy was catching lot's of attention..
caught a kiss!
...this lady had flowers in the sand! Not quite sure who they are for - but it's very sweet!
high five dogs!!


  1. Cool pics. I totally miss the Pacific when I see this. :)

  2. That last pic is a hoot with the little :P tongue wag!
    That mean white dog with the invisible owner needs to be banished from the beach...

  3. Bummer when people show up with dogs that are out of control or aren't watched. Can ruin a day if everyone's not careful. Glad to hear you had fun anyway!

  4. sorry there were mean dogs at the beach - I have that problem at the dog park sometimes - it's never fun when the owner won't take control - But it seems that Bell was able to handle it - me...i just wiggle over to mommy and get away from them

  5. Hi!
    Thank you for thinking of us, and posting a note to Honey's site.

    Your beach photos are great! Looks like fun!!

    Cheers, and hugs,
    Kristin and Dave

  6. I would have been in my mom's arms every time the trouble dog came around.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am still not feeling all that great, maybe tomorrow.


  7. I'm afraid Dispatch would have tried to take the white dog, and probably gotten in trouble because he can't really fight, just thinks he can. Or I've seen big dogs run from him. If Mugsey would have been there he would have been in heaven but ran from the white dog.

  8. Oh and good deal on Bell bringing back the ball, Mugsey will bring it back sometimes but it's so wet and so far down his throat you really don't want the slimey thing. LOL

  9. Great pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Diego Dog

  10. we think that Bell has some of the sweetest and funny expressions we have ever seen in a dog--we looked back at some of her older posts and you really capture her personality so well with some of those shots--hehehe!!! that is really an amazing beach huh!!! you must LOVE going there--you are lucky to have such beautiful beaches!!! too bad about the meanie a-hole dogs!! but we are glad you didn't let it spoil your fun! till next time--saige and

  11. And all we have is a contaminated creek here in DC.

    OCEAN makes me skeert,

    gotta go hide under the bed,


  12. Hi Belle! I was at the beach today too - and four very wet and sandy dogs came over and introduced themselves to me :D And I think that if you had chased the pigeon, it wouldn't have flown away! It was very tame :) My camera is a Fuji finepix S7000 - it's a DSLR that's a nice chunky camera to hold. I like being able to set the shutter speeds, and play around with it a bit. I think it's about three years old, so there are probably more up to date models out there - happy hunting!