Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday - Dog Beach (Bell vs. Bernard) ding ding...

introducing Bernard ~ he's a white boxer around 1 yr old (I admit - I always forget and I've asked numerous times)..
Bell loves playing w/Bernard - he always chases her....
the laughs are never ending with these two when they are playing around...
Bell has to show her scary teeth....
Bernard throws a left hook..
dogs havin' a quick shake off before they begin!
Bernard is using a new move on Bell... he took her down and held her down!
Bell is trying to get away - he must be winning this round!
quickly running to get away from Bernard, Bell suddenly stops dead in her tracks!

"Hey Bernard", says Bell... "What the H*LL is that?"
SPEEDO'S BREAK.............
Bernard took advantage of Bell gawking @ the human in a Speedo and took her down again!!
Bell tells Bernard not to be so full 0f himself... she's got a trick up her paw!
but before she could pull any fast ones, Bernard ripped one right in her face!

AND THE WINNER IS.... BERNARD the BOXER! (Bernard is a deaf Boxer that we met @ Dog Beach - he's one of the few dogs that Bell really enjoys playing with and she always finds him when we are there. We're lucky enough to see him quite often and it's been fun to watch Bell and him play together!)


  1. who is the white dog? Does Bell have a new friend?

  2. BOL They look like a fun pair to watch playing :)
    Big licks to you