Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Bell here - I wanted to tell you all that I love my new knuckle bone from dad. It's the best and I dont want to do anything but chew it up.... See it - this is my bone... I love it.. I was kind of grossed out by how it looked @ first but once I took a couple chomps I knew it was going to be a good day!
Lookie how I'm not chewing on anything but the bone.... my mom and dad are going to be sooo proud. I know what you're all thinking - I'm TOO SKINNY. But just to let everydog know - I'm picky with food and only eat when I want to. Or unless there is a meatloaf on the counter and everyone left the room - it's my duty to take over that meatloaf! I think...I just went outside with my bone but I couldn't sit down out there. I'm so excited my butt wont stop moving back n forth along w/my tail and well I keep wiggling my body too like a worm with excitement... it's a dog gone good bone!I'm gonna go now - I dont want mom mad @ me for posting this on Wordless Wednesday. I dont know what she's thinking - she talks so much I cant believe she was able to even post pictures of me without saying how cute I am.. sheesh!
high five and big woofs to all you dogs out there!!


  1. Don't worry Bell, we won't tell. And we'd look just as skinny if you shaved all of our fur off.

    We get bones too but ours are raw. We keep a bunch in stock in the freezer. Momma says they keep us busy and clean our teeth.

    Which reminds me...MOMMA!!!!!-CAN WE HAVE A BONE???

  2. LOL - we got "chicken rawhides chewflips" today!! Which are good (and we love them) but Could we have your bone instead???

    - Rhiles, Bear, Lily, Maddy, Nick, and Goldie

    P.S. (from Mom) is Wordless Wednesday something alot of people practice?? One of the other blogs I follow does it too.

  3. i like those kinds of bones too - although they are pretty big for me - I have a little trouble jumping up on the sofa with it in my mouth - but I manage

  4. Hi Bell,
    I think you are pretty. I love chewing on bones too, but now I am in Pet's Prison and I don't get any bones.
    Thanks for stopping by my bloggie.
    Rambo the chi

  5. Blogs are more fun anyway when words accompany pictures!! My problem is I usually don't have pictures on my blog!!!

    I get plenty of picture-worthy material from the babies but I usually don't have a camera present. Like today, Rhiles was chewing on her rawhide laying in the hole she just dug - she was so cute!!! but I didn't have my camera!!

  6. Bell are you an only child?

    **Rhiles, Bear, Lily, Maddy, Nick, and Goldie want to know!!!

  7. Bell, you are beautiful just the way you are! I think you are slim because you wiggle a lot when you are happy!

    That bone got me salivatin... Just sayin!

    wif love from the Luke

  8. Hi Bell. Thanks for visiting my blog. I moved my Followers thingie up higher on my sidebar - it was pretty far down at the bottom. That is SOME bone!

    See ya!