Monday, May 11, 2009

SaTuRdAy WaS WaVe Day....

Vizsla - a cousin for Bell in a round about way..... Bell loves the Vizsla's
Bell decided to have a bit of TUG O WAR w/her.

We were lucky enough to see Bernard. Bell and I just love him so. He's soo smart!
Such a overcast morning....... - turned out great later in the day!!

This little dog was in an earlier post of mine... didn't get the name but this is a wild lil doggy!Little does Bell realize - she's about to catch her FIRST WAVE!!!!AND IT SURE DID FREAK HER OUT FOR 1/2 SECOND.. til that good ol doggy paddle worked!

This dog decided to do some quick stretching above Bell before the chase begins
Bell's finally off duty for some reason I always catch shots of her running from
Tower 6 She cant stop running EVER..... LITERALLY
Bell had a blast overall.... as did I snapping pix left n right :)

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