Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's been a while..

I'll have pictures to share soon.... I have come across quite a few more fur-friends since my last post...
Hope everyone is doing well. I miss talking about doggies and hearing all the fun stories and adventures everyone has with their furiends...

take care
Kimberly :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maggie's Visit to Dog Beach

Just before Maggie & I were leaving the beach we saw this Gorgeous Weimy puppy only 5 months old... He was sooooo playful and all over the place.. I sure miss Bell girl! It was great to see a Weimy (actually the second I saw today)...
Maggie & I also saw these 2 Mini Schnauzers. They are like the ones we have @ home except both ours are girls. These 2 are from Utah and only here for the day just flew in and O.B. Dog Beach was their first stop HOW COOL IS THAT.. lucky dogs!!
Maggie shakin' the salty water all over me, she's such a good Sister dog :) ..
She's coming right for us.....
She's such a Good Girl @ Dog Beach, just wants to run and chase other dogs chasing their ball haha.. she's whack!
When we first got to the beach she kept running through the water & back to me.. then back to the water.. she was SO EXCITED!
Dog Beach is the Place to Be on Sunny San Diego days.....
Thanks for visiting our blog... Maggie has lot's more adventures to come.... : )

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I miss my Belly girl so bad :(

I was told a couple weeks ago that my ex who had Bell - GAVE HER AWAY! I wasn't able to say Good bye to her - I wasn't able to take her (which I had a couple homes for her to go to) - and I have no clue where she went. My ex will not tell me, nor will he return phone calls. I'm deeply CRUSHED and having a hard time dealing with the separation of knowing she's somewhere and NOT WITH ME. I pray to GOD the new owners love her 1/2 as much as I did. All I have are the memories now of my Beautiful Bell, and all the pictures I have taken over the year I had her in my life.
I tried to go to the Animal Shelter yesterday in hopes of maybe seeing her there but I knew it wouldn't happen. Instead I broke down in tears looking into the eyes of all the other doggys who desperately need a furever home. I wish I was financially able to take them all - I would in a heartbeat!

Love your dogs daily - God knows they mean the world to us!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maggie had her furst funday @ O.B.D.B on Wed.

The Lady got a bath after our beach visit, how exciting!!
Maggie's feets touching the ocean waters for the first time EVER!! Basically - I've been trying to bring Maggie to dog beach for a little over a year. After the hikes and showing my parents that "their dog" is actually well behaved and not as "crazy" as they think she is and that other dogs "aren't all crazy" either, and showing them pictures of how much fun she has I FINALLY GOT PERMISSION to bring her to dog beach. (they were worried because I told them about the 2 times Bell was bitten by other "BAD DOGS", but it's so rare) and to Maggie It's love ~
she was so excited she didn't know what to do, except RUN!!
Maggie was "sitting" like a good girl while I put her leash away (meanwhile she patiently waited to go run and see the little black dog ahead!!)
and... that little black dog sent her right back to me! (little dog didn't like Maggie) haha too funny!!
she got a little frazzled (hair standing up) after a couple dogs ran up to her at the same time, but everything was just fine!!
there must be something about dog beach that makes the dogs Butts stay in the air, Bell used to have this problem hee hee!!
it was so beautiful ~ barely anyone on the beach - perfect for her first visit!!

She found a friend to chase her for a little while!

I was told it was this little doggy's first dog beach visit as well.. :) Newbee's!!
Little Miss Serious
* notice the collar - old worn out purple collar * It was pretty before she chewed it :) , but the problem is - EVERYONE THINKS SHE'S A BOY - EVEN WITH A PURPLE COLLAR..
o Lordy it's a dogs Life!

I wonder what she was thinking!!
I'm thinking she would love to come back to dog beach anytime by the looks of that happy face!
runnin' crazy time!! Zooooooom

that broken down purple collar actually fell off of her, so we put it away..

Notice *the new collar* :) bought her this at the dog beach dog wash after her bath. Now HOPEFULLY people will not mistake my Maggielicious for a boy :)
I couldn't believe that she slept the whole way home.. Dog Beach was a success!!