Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I miss my Belly girl so bad :(

I was told a couple weeks ago that my ex who had Bell - GAVE HER AWAY! I wasn't able to say Good bye to her - I wasn't able to take her (which I had a couple homes for her to go to) - and I have no clue where she went. My ex will not tell me, nor will he return phone calls. I'm deeply CRUSHED and having a hard time dealing with the separation of knowing she's somewhere and NOT WITH ME. I pray to GOD the new owners love her 1/2 as much as I did. All I have are the memories now of my Beautiful Bell, and all the pictures I have taken over the year I had her in my life.
I tried to go to the Animal Shelter yesterday in hopes of maybe seeing her there but I knew it wouldn't happen. Instead I broke down in tears looking into the eyes of all the other doggys who desperately need a furever home. I wish I was financially able to take them all - I would in a heartbeat!

Love your dogs daily - God knows they mean the world to us!!!


  1. um--that is illegal. go get your dog back

  2. I wish I could get her back. I dont have money to take him to court - I am unemployed and everything is out of control for me right now. He said he didn't give her away maliciously and that he tried to contact me WHICH HE DID NOT ONCE TRY TO CONTACT ME! I'm so upset @ him for doing this - he also gave Samantha away to someone (the german shepherd). I cannot even express how I feel. I cant even think about it with out crying!..

  3. This is stealing? if they are your dogs I would report him...
    I'm sorry for the loss of your dogs...I can't even begin to know what your feeling...a lot of hurt.

    I hope things turn around and start looking better.

  4. we had initially got Bell for my ex boyfriends (my boyfriend @ the time) kids @ x-mas. Bell ended up tearing up everything in sight of the kids and my ex's mother (who we lived with) IT WAS QUITE GLORIOUS lol, but... they got sick of it wanted me to get rid of her. So, the day I was going to dog beach to see if someone would take her - THEY FELT BAD AND SAID I COULD KEEP HER. Suddenly she seemed to be turning into my dog... Well, we moved to a new home. Brought Samantha home (the g.shepherd mix) and things didn't go well after a while. A year later I was broken up w/my ex and he still had Bell & Sam. He told me he was keeping Bell. Then I heard he was going to get rid of her - I found 2 homes I could keep her at. TECHNICALLY I DIDN'T BUY HER AND SHE WASN'T MY DOG INITIALLY. I DONT KNOW THE LAWS OR WHATEVER. BUT.. SHE'S BEEN GONE NOW TO HER NEW HOME FOR A LITTLE OVER A MONTH I THINK. I wish I knew how to find these new owners so I could tell them what he did. Maybe they'd understand, maybe I could have her back - or see her. But, I dont know legally what I am able to do about this because I didn't INITIALLY BUY HER. My heart rips out of my chest everytime I see a Weimaraner - I always hope I'll see her again. I just dont know what to do.... :(

  5. Gosh.. I hope you end up back together. How sad. Our thoughts are with you. norwood

  6. So sad to know that you lost her...This is really very tough situation for you as you love her so much...I wish she will be with you soon..........

  7. not a good end..but than this mean its a new start..i know forgetting someone is not that easy but you can compensate that loss by having an another one..
    in any ways..our wishes are with you..
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  8. This is very bad to here about your pet. I wish you have it again. I know the feeling of loosing someone very close to you for a long-long time. God bless for the rest..

  9. I am so sorry to hear this. It's so heartbreaking. ((((HUGS))))
    Your blog is beautiful and you have great photos. I'm following you from The Doggy Blogger. Hope to see you on my site.