Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maggie's Visit to Dog Beach

Just before Maggie & I were leaving the beach we saw this Gorgeous Weimy puppy only 5 months old... He was sooooo playful and all over the place.. I sure miss Bell girl! It was great to see a Weimy (actually the second I saw today)...
Maggie & I also saw these 2 Mini Schnauzers. They are like the ones we have @ home except both ours are girls. These 2 are from Utah and only here for the day just flew in and O.B. Dog Beach was their first stop HOW COOL IS THAT.. lucky dogs!!
Maggie shakin' the salty water all over me, she's such a good Sister dog :) ..
She's coming right for us.....
She's such a Good Girl @ Dog Beach, just wants to run and chase other dogs chasing their ball haha.. she's whack!
When we first got to the beach she kept running through the water & back to me.. then back to the water.. she was SO EXCITED!
Dog Beach is the Place to Be on Sunny San Diego days.....
Thanks for visiting our blog... Maggie has lot's more adventures to come.... : )


  1. Glad to her you're making it back to the beach, Kimberly! I bet you miss Bell, but how awesome that you have Maggie.


  2. That last picture is epic! :) Awesome-ness

  3. Thanks Jen :) ~~ and Annah - I have so much fun taking pix of Maggie.. she makes some good faces sometimes lol... ~ ~ ~

  4. We also feel bad about Bell. Maggie looks like she is having a blast with you on the beach. The schnauzers are so cute but we are partial to schnauzers.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  5. Maggie is growing into a beautiful girl. Im so sorry about Bell, my heart breaks for you. Hugs!

  6. Yesh, the beach is the place to be on a hot, summer day! You look like you are having so much fun, yes, you do!

  7. Hi Maggie! I enjoy going to the beach too but for some strange reason unbeknown to moi, I just don't like going in the water. I think it may be the fact that I just don't like the sand in "other place's." Although I absolutely luv to doggie watch! I usually go to Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. It's pretty cool. Lotsa hunks there! Although I've never been to Dog Beach San Diego, I've been to one beach - San Elijio. We stayed there a couple of days. Have you been to the Dog Surfing Competion out there????? Boy it really looks like so much fun! I did a post on it last week. It was to help cool off our furiends back east where it's been so darn hot! Happy day!!!!

    Sprinkles of luv! xo

  8. WOW!I heard first time "Dog Beach". It is very interesting for me. hmmmm nice collection of Images, After seeing these i feel hoe you enjoyed with you doggi.

  9. wow..dog beach...seems like had a lots of fun..:)
    nice pics..and ya last one is superb..:)
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  10. Great collection of pics.Maggie is really having a lot of fun with dog on that beach.

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  12. I really luv doggie watch...I usually get scared by dogs but still I love to watch them ... by maintain a distance..only..It's pretty cool.

  13. I really love to spend time on sea beach...But beacuse of this busy schedule I can not get more time for it...Good to see that you are really enjoying your vacation with lots of fun here... Great...Lovely pics...

  14. Hey Maggie!
    Wow, your beach looks like lots of fun. Water's the very best for zooming around in. Was it warm there?? Too cold here in PA for water sports now, but you sure looked like you were having a blast.
    Grr and Woof,

  15. Your pictures are pawesome! The last pic is the best.

  16. It looks like you really enjoying a lot with your doggy over there.. Wonderful pics of both of you, seems the most beautiful moments of both you guys..

  17. looks like you had a super duper fun time!!

  18. Maggie is very beautiful.The view of beach is really nice.


  19. I also have a Maggie although she is much smaller. she loves the beach too. I enjoyed your blogs.

  20. Love any site that includes furry pals! Hope to see you following back very soon!

  21. People who wear fur smell like a wet dog if they're in the rain. And they look fat and gross.