Thursday, July 2, 2009

I made a deal wiffs my mom...

I told mama she could post whatever pictures she wants today on my bloggy AND I get to talk about them, since I've been going on walks around the neighborhood and there's nothing too great to share...
here is ME going on a drive wiffs my mama.
THIS! is Mojo - Mojo is a bearded dragon and he's my cousin lizard relative. I cant eat him!
Hey, this is a picture of me sticking my tongue out at mama while I'm running to her. My butt almost took off again - see my tail showing it which way to go..
driving wiff's mama againsI have NEVFURR HAD ONE OF THESE.. Mama always takes them away - I should pee on her bed for not sharing wiff's me
These are birdie nests on the YMCA building, wonder if a baby birdie fell for me.. OOPS dont tell mama I said that though...
and more nests
Woah - lot's of birdies in this picture... My mama said she could hear the babies chirping in the nests and she saw their little heads popping out..
it's POPO.. my blurry cousin. She's really a pretty girl, but Mama said she wanted to show this picture. Does she look pretty even if she's blurry??
I dont know how my mama and the kid can eat this stuffs. I stole one from mama's bag one day and it upset my tum tum. Stretchy Laffy Taffy is mama's favorite! BUT NOT MINE!!
OH MY DOG. I haven't had these is 2 weeks. Mama was told these are FURRY BAD furr me. Is that true? She wasn't sure - but told me I cant have anymore cuz they aren't good for me.. PROVE HER WRONG - PLEASE DOGS... ??? i JUST wont look at mama the same since she took my favorite chew-eez away.
this cant be good. It's called SUSHI. This is softshell crab and soy paper.
Wow, Mama got free dessert wiff's her sushi. This is called Green Tea Ice Cream and Mazu balls or somethings like that. It has a fancy strawberry and mint leaves on it too. COOL! here's one of the trolley overpasses we see going to doggy beach
this trolley stays on the side of the frwy, and then it goes across the bridge in the picture above.
WHAT?!... My mama is soooo inbusted. This is NOT FAIR! That's Shyanne my Grandma's doggy and my cousin she's sooo spoiled I cant stand it!
I'm sooo going to pee on mama's bed for this. She did this on purpose. Posting these pictures for ME to talk bout.. NO FAIIIIIIIIR MOM.. OH MY DOG!Sweet little Sophie got licks too? I'm pouncing both of them to the ground next time I visit Grandma THIS ISN'T RIGHT.. I'm calling the doggy police, or animal cruelty people cuz Mama dont share this stuffs wiffs me..I have nothing nice to say about this person in the picture... She's a trader, and she's not a sharing person.. I'll show her about "SHARING IS CARING", since it obviously doens't apply to ME! hmmph!
Well what do you know, it's an old picture of me from doggy beach - NOTICE I'M NOT LOOKING @ THE TRADER MAMA.Okay I still loves my mama.. How could I not love that face.. (BOL)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooool clouds and suns
showing off my super fast blurry faced matrix get the teddy bear quickly move..
Daddy got mama flowers last week. Daddy loves mama a lots
I swear I put my ball RIGHT HERE!?
Yah I will stick my tongue out - I know you're laughing at me for losing my ball. It happens.. (mama should have used this picture for the tongue sticking out contest... o well she didn't let me pick)
ok.. really!? What is this.. Mama takes too many pictures of herself.. (she said she does this when she's bored) I would have never guessed... BOL
I'm so much prettier than my mama aren't I? She doesn't even have fur
This is going to be one of my new neighbors when I move. Mama & Daddy are going to walk me down the street to see them when we move in I CANT WAIT. WONDER IF THIS HORSIE WILL LIKE ME? I'll bring him treats..
Oh I remember this. Mama was trying to get me to smile wiffs her, I DIDN'T WANT TO AS YOU CAN SEEi WUZ PRETENDING TO BE SLEEPIN' (mama needs I take too many pictures anonymous)
Another PICTURE OF Mama's purty flowers... she's lucky huh...
This is that SUSHI stuff again. It's called a Rainbow Roll.
okay - THIS IS CALLED A HOT ROLL (it's got spicy tuna and more tuna and hot sauce and jalapeno's). Mama said it's got all this stuffs on it that makes her nose run. I didn't know mama's nose could run. Mama is buying this for our NEW HOUSE. She saw it and thought it was TOO CUTE.
No No No, this isn't me. That's another Weimaraner and a big black dog. This was a while ago, unless mama's cheating on me and going wiff out me's
My cousin Sophie aka Sophia Loren aka - SPOILED BRAT DOG THAT DOESN'T LIKE ME.
Maggieee, it's Magalicious, Maggie is my cousin @ Grandma's. She lives with Sophie and Shyanne but Maggie is an outside doggy. She gets to come in sometimes, but if my Mama is house sitting or dog sitting WE LET MAGGIE IN THE WHOLE TIME.. furget those lil dogs.. BOL..
that's all folks.. Mama posted a bunch of random stuff's but it's okay - I'm in some of the pictures so I gave her permissions..
Have a great Friday night dogs..
Bell girl


  1. Great commentary Belle, yes you are the most beawootiful, except for me of course. I think Mom should be tortured with something she likes that you eat to get back at her for the lollipop thing. How about stealing her ice cream?
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. so rock! You should write a book of all of your adventures. I feel you about thespoiled rotten puppies that get everything (like MY BROTHER Bilbo).

  3. Definitely call the animal cruelty people - I can't believe that your Momma won't share lollipops with you! How dare she?!? I don't blame you for not looking at her!

    *kissey face*

  4. I like Octopus...never had it in a salad though...could be different!!!


  5. Mommy should definietly share thier lollies!!! It's onl fair. Why should everyone else get one but not you???? So no fair. I'm calling Animal Cops right now =)
    Have a great 4th and I hope your beach is clean soon!

  6. Hi Bell, I enjoyed all the pics... you and your mama are having lots of fun time. I like sushi too... yum yum!

  7. hello bell its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow sushi!!! dada sez that wun of the reezons they moovd to oshunside is that it wuz so hard to git gud sushi in upstayt noo york hay dada dont yoo think 3000 miles is a long way to go for sushi??? ok bye

  8. Hi Bell,

    Your human sure eats some strange stuff...although my human likes that sushi thing too...but her favourite is the dessert - ooh! She goes mad for those mochi balls!

    I just love your face and all your different expressions in your photos! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. wow another great adventure. you are lucky to have such a fun mommma there, Belle--we think your mom is very pretty --and so are you! loved all the interesting food in this post--have not heard of most of them! hehe

  10. Thanks for sharing Bell. That was fun.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  11. Bell, you look really cute sticking your tongue out at mama!!! hee hee hee....


  12. We are just getting caught up with you Belle, what awesome pics. Cheweeze are not so good for doggies but we believe there are worse things. Moose gets pig ears instead of rawhides b/c they are digestible but lots of dogs eat rawhides and have for a long time so we don't think it is the worst thing. The biggest worry about them is chocking and intestinal blockage so if you do give them it is a good idea to watch her.
    Anywho, nice to catch up with you and be back soon!

  13. You sure do have a great time riding around with mom seeing all those wonderful friends and scenery...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  14. Hi Bell!
    It is so cool that you and your mom go so many places together. I am sorry that you do not get any lollipops though. That isn't fair!!
    Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  15. hey Belle,
    We don't get rawhides either because my sister Tasha would choke on them.

    We know that your mom loves you very much and would never cheat on you!

  16. You guys have had quite the week! Hope you had an awesome 4th. The kids are sleeping HARD right now. We ran them around at the beach this AM and then left them for a few hours. They are happy as clams right now.