Monday, July 20, 2009

Last bit of play before my Purple Paw went away...

Shyanne always plays bitey face wiffs me if I want to or not. I'm trying to be all calm and relaxed (NOT) and she's not helping.. BOL
Sophie is always afraid to come play wiffs us, we's too ruff for her, so she just watches us from afar
Shyanne keeps trying to steal HER rope toy... How rude...
Now I have her Platform Shoe squeaky... and she wants that too..
Cousin Sophie just stands by watching us still...

Hey can you guys see the TV when I'm kickin' it RIGHT HERE?
Doesn't it look like I'm part of the show? I know I'm going to be a movie star someday (in my mind or not)
Here I am yelling @ Grandma to find out if dinner is ready yet? Mama had a dinner/cake get together for her brother and they laughed @ me and Shyanne playing around.


  1. hi bell - I'm back!!!!!!! I had the most pawsome time at the beach - I want to live where you do and go to the beach every single day! Of course I pretty much had my beach to myself - I even rode on the boogie board!!!!!!!1

  2. I love your action shots! They are pawsome.

    -Mollie and Bobo

  3. Great pictures, as always! TaiChi doesn't blame Sophie for just hanging back!

    *kissey face*

  4. HI Bell...
    Well I think you are definitely headed to stardom. You look fabby with your purple paw, are a vision of calm under bitey face pressure and can sing demands like no one else.

  5. Thank you for the award, sorry I am late to receive it. Was catching up a bit. What exactly is a "fox taiL" and how does it hurt? That game of bitey face looks scary to me too, I would stand by and watch. =)

  6. Hi Bell, looks like you had a fun time with Shyanne and Sophie. Love those pics.


  7. Bell, you are a star. I think it is so cool how you are not gonna take any crap even though you have the purple paw on. Way to go Bell! Sophie is having no part of it, but Shy is all over you. It looks like a lot of fun. I hope you can go to the beach soon and run, run, run.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  8. Oh you and Shyanne must be SOOOO entertaining to watch ... You made us smile and laugh by just looking at the pictures =D HAHA That 4th picture is our mommy's favorite ... was it your mommy who captured these? Tell her that she is good at capturing the fun moments and we truly loved them

    Maltese Paws


    p.s. Bell, Bell, Bell....mommy has TWO drawings of you...We wanna post them in a complete new post. Is it ok if we shared the story of how we met you with our friends ?

  9. hope your footie is all better soon and you can go play on the beach again

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  10. WILL be a movie star...I know, cause I am going to write ALL your specches!!

    You are so very cute! Bilbo said he would be like Sophie and just watch (probly with his eyes CLOSED) while we played too!!


  11. Looks like you Shy ahd fun. I hope you get the purple paw off soon!!!

  12. Hey Bell, I like your purple foot. I had a green one a few years ago. I told everyone it was my Nike sneaker. They believed me.


  13. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.