Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest Photo's from Bell's Auntie Tracy (July 12th)

today was so fun. Auntie Tracy just gave mama and I these pictures from her first visit to dog beach wiff's us. She brought mama's nephew Brandon (aka nephewhead) and Popo my cousin dog (by family BOL)
here I am trying to get my mama (things you dont normally see when mama takes the pictures)
Brandon, me and mama standing around - that's Tower 6 in the background
No silly's I wasn't peeing I was shaking - lookie my lip

flying butts
Hi Heineken I'm closer to your mama lol
Brandon found this really cool doggy to play wiffs. (and a note from Kimberly - I cannot throw left handed that's why I look so rediculous trying to throw the ball haha)
go get it!
can you see the ball he threw?

This is Mama I surprised her and jumped up on her. She always holds the camera away and closes her eyes in case I have's water and sand to throw in her face on the camera or coffee :)

holy splashies
here I am in the background being attacked (playfully) by some Ridgeback dogs
they's ganging up on me
I'm outta here!!!
bottoms up - running in the waters w/Popo after Brandon
isn't my cousin Popo cute.. she's a barker but she's cute

like me I'm cute too huh!?
Brandon has 2 different color eyes.. I think that's the coolest
so does Popo

here's mama talking to a co-worker guy of hers and his wifey
Mama loves me this I KNOW!!!
Mama hates these pictures why didn't anyone tell her how silly her shirt looked (ha ha)
see - she's using me to cover it up.. BOL - actually she was trying to pose wiffs me but I wasn't really into it!
thanks Tracy for the fun pictures.. :)


  1. Wow.. What a fun day at the beach. We want to go to. ^_^

  2. That just looks like SUCH a fun beach!!!! San Diego, here we come!!!
    Sammie xo

  3. Heehee! Looks like yet another great day at the beach - flying butts and ear flappage and everything!!

    *kissey face*

  4. many friends!!! Looks like you all had a BLAST!!!


  5. woohooo! bellgirls back @ the beach! flying bootie & all! the water looks soo clear. no baths for you..oh, pretty cool family trait-- 2 colored googlie eyes. your nephewhead fits right in!

    happy hump day,

  6. Bell you always have the best beach photos. I bet that you have sooo much fun there. I have a cousin that has 1 green eye and 1 eye almost all green but about 1/3 of it is blue. Maybe she is really related to you!
    Love and hugs,

  7. It was fun seeing you with your Momma. Bell you are such a cutie. It looked like another fun day at the beach.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  8. oh it is soooo nice to see you play with your mommy at the beach ^_^

    we gotta agree Brandon does have the coolest eyes
    Bell, you are the cuttest
    Maltese Paws


  9. such cool pics - your nephew and cousin look like a ton of fun

    Woodrow Sweetie & MJ

  10. Those are most fantastic photo's. We live in KS so no beaches! Bummer
    Can I come play with you at the beaches or can you send me some sand? that would be cool. I have a kiddie pool with lots of rules about no peeing, no jumping, no chewing....

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