Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yaaaay, I got to PLAY with Maggie & Shyanne

I'm so excited I CANT STAND IT. Maggie is waiting for me at the gate and my Mom was lagging getting out of the car.. COME ON MOM WOOF!
"Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Maggie Pants chased me all around the yard. And you know what ~ she tried mounting me again.. Doesn't she know I'M A GIRL!? Whatever Maggie!!"
I just got to keep her in check, "I'll bite your neck Maggie if you do that again!" (BOL JUST KIDDING)
I can totally run faster than Maggie Pants I soooo love to play with her. Maggie is a little ruff sometimes but I can take it!!
AND THE WINNER IS BELL.. BAHROOOOOOOOOOOO (can you see how happy I am?)
Woah - Maggie getting a little crazy wiff me right now. I'll buck her off me like a wild horse!
Shyanne heard us outside having so much fun, mom got a picture of her trying to get OUT! We couldn't let her out though, she would get trampled by Maggie!
Awww, lookie that sad face wants to come play wiff us sooooo baaaaad! Poor Shyanne!
So, Maggie and I decided to stare at Shyanne and stick our tongues out at her. (BOL we're such brats!)
But, Shyanne stuck her tongue out at us too.. That's it.. Let me in the house mom I wanna get her!
I saw you sticking your tongue out at me Shyanne... What do you have to say for yourself?Shyanne sits protecting her doggy bed from Bell (who before the picture above tried to steal the pillow off the bed). She pleads the fifth about the tongue incident!
I got a little closer and Shyanne practically bit my ear off.. WOAH! My ears had to do the wave to get out of the way of those lil toofs Shyanne has.Wow, Shyanne is ruthless she's trying to get my ears WTF!? All I did was stick my tongue out at you. WOOF!
BOL, LIKE MY EARS.. MY MOM LAUGHED AT ME BIG TIME WHEN THIS HAPPENED. I just wanted to say hi to Sophie. She's been hiding behind Shyanne this whole time. Sophie isn't furry social when it comes to other dogs, sometimes other people too. She just barks at us all the time.
Holy Dog Paw Shyanne.. SETTLE DOWN. You're making me jump around like a fool!
okay YOU WIN! I just wanna sniff her once, so you better talk to my mom cuz I'm getting too anxious!
Shyanne got permission from me to just let Bell sniff her cousin Sophie. She loves Sophie but, Sophie just doesn't care!As you can see, Sophie just wants to be left alone!Shyanne was trying to tell me, "No Bell, Sophie doesn't want to see you, why cant you get that through your little head?"and then Sophie started to walk away but... I didn't know where she was going... I am trying to get a little closer to Sophie and I cant see her anymore.. Can you see her?!


  1. Bell
    You had a great time playing with Maggie and Shyanne! You look so happy!
    Your pictures and videos are very cool!


  2. Nice photos and dogs enjoyed playing as well!


  3. Hi, Bell!
    Sure you had lots of fun with Maggie and Shyanne!
    I liked the videos too!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Bell is adorable, and you have a great knack for catching some really funny expressions on her face! LOL I also loved lil Shyanne's face sticking thru that fence. Great post! :)

    And thanks for stopping by to visit my tick, haha. No, you do not want them on your dogs. They are downright nasty. I make hubby pull them off when they're big and fat like that one in the photo, they just gross me out... I can get them if they are lil and black and not hooked on the dog yet. I never saw a tick when I lived in Ohio.... but here in KS, they are a problem. Have to Bio-Spot the dogs and I hate doing that, but don't have a choice!

  5. You have AWESOME ear flappage!!!

    *kissey face*

  6. you always look like you are having such a good time

    be careful those little doggies can be even more dangerous than the big ones - they are sneaky - i know my cousin is a minpin and is very small and very bratty

    woodrow sweetie mj

  7. Belle - you are a sweet, lucky dog!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker