Monday, June 15, 2009

Funday @ Dog Bizzle (I met KitKat & Bailey today)

This is where it all started. My Humom set up my water bowl @ Tower 6 (six is Moms favorite number).
Here I am looking cute as ever I mean look @ my ears. My dirty pink collar, YES I do need a new one but my pawrents aren't getting me one. Maybe they will now since I'm putting them on blast!
I'm thinking, "nope, they probably wont get me one". This dog in the picture with me is a Queensland Heeler I didn't get his name, he was too grumpy!
My Mom took this picture of him, she really liked him even though he wasn 't furry playful!
Darn it, this has to be one of my sloppiest landings ever, Thank Dog this is all you had to see, it could have been ugly!
here I am after seeing this little dog all over my things. I dont want to have to tell a dog twice to leave my beach stuff alone (pee ess...I really dont care but it sounded good for this picture)...
Ooooh THERE SHE IS. My Mom has been trying to get a picture of this dog evfurry time she see's her (mom thought she was a he, show's you how much she knows BOL). My Mom LOVES Akita's! <3
She has really pretty make up, I wish I had make up - I just look the same all over, but it's okay. I think her eyeshadow is a little dark (maybe I'm just jealous)....?
She sure is Beeeeawoooootiful. I think she should be a model dog. She was lucky my Mom said and found a good family, I think the family was lucky to have found her, speaking of HER ~ her name is KIT KAT.
Woah - Moms ovfurr there taking pictures of Kit Kat & I'm being chased by THIS GUY YIIIIIIIIKES...
I'm just going to pull one of these quick wrestling moves on this dog and show him what's really going on...
Too much fun, I think I like this guy...
Here I am going for the throat. I am trying to be all scary like even though I'm like the skinniest dog on the beach. ....BARK BARK BARK.... (say's the little Basset Hound)
What the $hit (oops dont tell mom I said that), This dog just totally did some crazy move & got me with a left hook.
This cute little shortys name is Bailey. We just met Bailey today even though I've heard him, OOPS I mean seen him a few times before...
Sheesh you need to wipe your mouth. Too much foam in your coffee or what? Didn't catch this dogs name, sorry!
We had a Tempest sighting with that dog I didn't get the name of. I was off playing around while Mom took this picture, (I always see my mom trying to play with the small dogs what's up with that?)
BOL. Speaking of small dogs. Yo Quero Taco Bell.. or whatever that commercial says on tv that mom told me about. This little guy, my Mom thought was lost from his pawrents. He was running around alone a lot. I tried asking him if he was okay, but he just stared @ me.
So whatever that's cool... This German Shephard was only interested in his dad, NOT ME.. fine be that way, YOU DOG!
HOLY UP CLOSE & PERSONAL. IDK WHO THIS IS, MOM WENT SNAP HAPPY AGAINOkay Mini Me Fashion Show. Today we have Fifi or whatever his/her name is MODELING THE WINDBREAKER/FUR COAT'ish gear. You like?Holy Dog Barks, here's Bailey again. He can bark like NO OTHER dog I've ever heard. Mom and I could hear him from the other side of the beach, and guess what - WE THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE A BIG DOG W/THAT BIG BARK... & it was Bailey. He's talking about something right now. He told me that he is 9 years old and he's allowed to say WHATEVER he wants WHENEVER he wants. HIGH FIVE TO THAT DOG!
he has some cool colors to him. Mom kept getting down lower to his level, she kept petting him but I was okay with it. I figure he's an older guy - she cant love him more than she loves me...DING DING... ROUND I ~ THIS DOG IS PRETTY QUICK FOR AN OLD GUY
Here I am teasing him, "come on shorty OOPS I mean Bailey, I tried to get to your level & now you're all UPRIGHT.."
Yeah, I did call you Shorty... SO WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!
TRYING TO BE A TOUGH GUY HUH BAILEY.., I just shook my head right here like I was about to go crazy (notice the ears and lips BOL)
WOW, he was telling me he had fun playing with me I didn't want him to go; IT'S JUST NOT DOG GONE FAIR!
Bye Bailey ~ nice meeting you dude.... "Now who am I going to play with?"
Hmmph, obviously not THAT FLUFF MACHINE. Guess I'll just go run it out!
I was checking out the O.B. PIER right here, check the waves those things scare me~
I'm so nosey (yes that's my nose to the right). I couldn't resist. Look @ the AERODYNAMICS of this black dogs ears. I wonder if he can fly too?...
SOME DOG JUST TOTALLY TRIED TO SNAKE BY BALL FROM ME,'s my Ball!!!Well well well... it's that little taco bell dog again. I heard someone calling him Coco... he is small like a CocoROACH. BOL... little dog was trying to act all tough w/me...Coco started telling me that just because he's short I should NOT underestimate him. He says he's IMPORTANT or something... ALL SMALL DOGS ARE THE SAME ACTING LIKE THEY GOT SOMETHING TO PROVE...typical male.."Holy Stinky Butts Coco, what did you eat?" I said. Coco said, "I probably had some beans chick!"He was nice enough to rip ass facing the other way. I was trying to figure out how I could get some beans, he wouldn't tell me though....
So, I had a furry good Sunday @ Dog Bizzle. Met new dogs and mom talked to a couple of their humoms and dads. She told me that I had to get good & tired for her day @ La Jolla Windansea Beach....


  1. I enjoyed all your pictures Bell!
    Playing around with all those doggie friends sure was pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

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  3. Who let the dogs out--Geeshers Bell & Kimberly! That's a whole lota doggies on that beach.. but you know who was my fav. Yep, KitKat! Luv a cute fuzzy bear face even if she did wear 2 much eyeliner. Can't believe Shorty, ehem, Baily had a showdown with ya. Really-- then that Cocoroachaa pass some beans your way. that's not playing fair.

    you're furry lucky 2 live by the dog friendly beach. your mom's liking it alot too:) great photos.

    big kiss kisses,

  4. The old beans trick, gets them every time! :)

    Thanks for tagging us, I just caught up!

  5. My guys are sooooooo jealous that you get to get out to the beach so often! It's about an hour and a half drive for us. Not too far, but just far enough that we're not out there all the time. I love the pictures!!

  6. Bell you and your mama won an award @ animals that give pause, check it out and congratulations!

  7. Hey, thanks for visiting our blog! Gus is doing better now. He still loves other dogs, which is good.

    We look forward to following your adventures--we love the water, too!

    Gus and Waldo