Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday Migraine...

this blog is random ~ I was MAN DOWN yesterday due to a horrible Migraine. So, I thought I'd post a few pictures that made my week end!! Anyway (this is a GUITAR FISH) my boyfriend spotted and I caught a picture. HOW COOL, I've only seen these @ Sea World...this was @ Seal Beach - the former CHILDRENS POOL!
http://kj1974.blogspot.com/ (this is MY blog address - I posted much more Seal Beach pictures if you'd like to see)
Bell slept with me THE WHOLE TIME (she knew I was sicky I think)
I was lucky enough to meet RIPTIDE & TEMPEST & of course Jen their human @ http://www.sandiegodogbeach.com/ who I just mentioned in another blog just recently. I just had to post this and say THANK YOU JEN soo much FOR THE PICTURE OF ME WITH Temptide and Bell (I never get in the pictures - unless I take it myself). Thanks again - and I hope to see Temp-Tide again soon :)
I had to post this as I thought it was sooo pretty to watch the ocean go wild!


  1. i have to get up to la jolla more often. happy to take the pic on sunday! hope to see you this weekend, too. :)

  2. We haven't been commenting much but wanted to let you know that we love watching Bell at the beach. I was hoping to vacation at the beach with my pups this year and let them experience was Bell gets to every week but it's a loooong drive to the beach for us.

  3. Hello Bell. I had the tall guy take me to Dog Beach in Sandy Ago on vacation. It was great. He said we would go again. Maybe we can meet there and play together in the water!