Thursday, June 18, 2009

Visit with Lucy the Boxer, Sadie the Lab & Bo the Maltese

Hi there furfriends... thanks for coming back to my doggy bloggy... Today mom picked me up and said, "LET'S GO BELL!" so we went...I dont know about you dogs, but sometimes these car rides BORE THE HECK OUTTA ME!Mom say's, "we're going to see Lucy and it's going to be fun!" ... okay mom we'll see!"We're here Bell Bell", mom says... (LIKE MY MOMS SKULLY AIR FRESHENER? SHE LOVES SKULLS)Wow I forgot how IN YOUR FACE, Lucy is. Here she is with her cousin Sadie. I think Sadie is a lot older than Lucy and I. Lucy is 3 years old, and I'm almost 1.I dont know about you but I think Sadie is very cute for an old girl... Lucy on the other hand.. she's drop dead gorgeous. She doesn't take NO for an answer, and she's always got the LAST word! She's one heck of a girl that's fo sho!!I decided to tell Sadie that my mom brought us some TREAAAATS!! that's right.. we coooLucy must have heard me cuz she got to the house before I did. Mom already had the treats out.. Lucy's all over it. She already had a treat I just know it.. My mom is such a cheater giving her treats before me and Sadie get one.. GRRRRR!!!SHE'S TOTALLY LAUGHING IN MY FACE ABOUT IT TOO... WHAT A BITCH!i SHOULD pee on my moms toes.. see em in the picture.. I didn't think about it at the time though... Lucy was sure begging - little begger dog... PFFFTT!good LORD - WE'RE NOT AT THE DENTIST.... say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just went around and played in the yard while all that (giving my treats away to Lucy) was going on.. AS IF... she totally ate 1/2 the bag.. I'll be talking w/my mom about this later!Mom says, "Bell it's time to go.... "Lucy decided to show me the way OUT OF HER HOUSE AND HER YARD.... "follow me Bell", Lucy said! (see me in the back)my moms friends the 2 legger you see at the gate had to hold me in the yard so mom could open the car door. She's afraid I'll come out all crazy like I normally do and run in the street. I dont have my collar on otherwise she' d have a leash on me.!I think Lucy wanted us to stay. Sadie is so pretty isn't she? I bet Lucy just wanted us for our treats.. like I said.. whatta B word!So right when I get home, Mr. Fancy Pants aka Bo is sitting on the RED CARPET like he's famous or something... GET A LIFE BO!OH OKAY.. I KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING.. HE CAN SMELL MY TREATS ON MOM... (she gave him one of them too) I really need to talk to her about giving MY goodies away to THOSE DOGS...My mom wanted a picture of Bo and I.. Bo instantly ran under the table. He doesn't REALLY like his picture taken..I didn't even want to listen to her after all that "SHARING IS CARING" crap she's trying to tell me.., but I'm down for a picture anytime... Here we are.. Bell & Bo. I only see Bo like 3 days out of the week. He lives in Yuma Arizona normally. He's cool though - just tries to act all tough when the 2 leggers are around.. WHATEVER, I TOTALLY WHOOP HIM!



  1. awwww bell - those girls weren't very nice to you - I wouldn't eat your treats - well at least not more than one of them - one day I'm gonna go to San Diego and meet you

  2. That second video of Lucy cracks me up! Crazy boxers!

  3. i'm in oak ridge tennessee - a very long way from the beaches in san diego

  4. looks like you had a good time - definately gotta talk to mommy about the treat issue - but otherwise it didnt seem like too ba dof a time

    woodrow sweetie mj

  5. Hi guys!

    Jaime here from We LOVE the videos and all the pictures on your blog, what a great blog!

    We wanted to stop by and thank you for coming to our blog in recent weeks and leaving such supportive comments for our dear Benson. We are so happy and lucky to have bloggie friends like you! We very much appreciate your support and warm prayers!
    Thank you so much!!!

    Woofs, wags, kisses, hugs, and much love,
    Benson and Gibson
    (and Jaime)

  6. hey Bell, you've really got some crazy and fun friends! that's a bummer about you missing out on so many treats though. next time you should be in charge of the treats!


  7. Fun and crazy friends, that's for sure!!! Nice new pictures Bell!