Monday, June 8, 2009

Sundays Redemption in ReVeRsE

High Five it's Bell! I played with Abbey again today(sorry if I butchered your name) maybe Abbie! Either way CHECK ME OUT I TOTALLY STOLE HER TOY. BOL...I caught mom petting this dog and she took a few pictures of IT while "I" was playing SHE PROBABLY MISSED SOME GOOD PICTURES playing with THAT DOG.. I'm not jealous!Here's A- Bee (sound it out) and I playing tug o war. Didn't think my mom was even watching, since she was over there playing w/that SMALL DOG!I'm so tired right now I've been running around this beach for 2 hours now.. Mom doesn't want to leave yet!I played a couple games of run after the ball and do some crazy stunt and then leave it like I love to do so much. Mom plays w/that ball more then me BOL!OKAY...Somebody needed to tell THAT DOG to stop following me! He only wanted me for ONE THING... no wonder my mom is always watching me around the boy dogs... that's his owner kid behind us in this picture! Check me out RUNNING FROM ALL THESE DOGS, they cant catch me, I'm super fast... sometimes I can fly...... most dogs cant do that!The ONLY reason I think my mom wanted this picture up - I remember hearing this is a foster girl and she is 12 years young.. she was barking and hanging out with the rest of us dogs & she even went in the water a couple times! HIGH FIVE GIRLFRIEND!Mom and I got to see Molly again and Miss Belle (short for Isabelle) and Polo ~ I always forget the black dogs name but he's cranky is all I know. Molly was out running with the big dogs through the water. I think she likes it here as much as me! This dog.... was MEAN!Look @ his face. He seems friendly to the eye but in reality He's a MoNsTeR dOg In A lITtLe BoDy!he ran this dog off after a short stare down...Whatever! Idk what he was even barking at. I've noticed Mom likes to take pictures of Polo and WHERE AM I?! Thought this was MY blog...Little Miss Molly shaking off the salty sand water ~ she's diggin' the water LOOKIE THE PIERShe was out early w/the rest of us select few to be @ the beach so early! It was nice to see a familiar butt, and Mom likes talking to Miss Belle.Molly's running so fast. I think this is when I sat down, feeling lazy after running around a while!Wow, Polo acknowledged me w/out barking me away! High Five Polo I knew you liked me.. BOL. Okay WTH. Who told THIS DOG to come back? He almost knocked me down!I'm trying to just tell him to just chill out a little bit, dont be so pushy... He was cool after that... but I was trying to finish talking with Polo and THAT DOG is all up in my grill!After taking care of that madness ~ I turned around to find THE SCARY LITTLE DOG he chased me off super fast!wow, I remember that ~ my Mom takes so many pictures. Caught telling Secrets!Hmph! Whatever THAT DOG. I'm not jealous or anything but.. at least play hard to get when the ladies are around, typical DOG! Come to think of it I couldn't tell if little fluffy was male or female the he/she was TOO SHORT!
(I was just about to take off when she snapped my picture)
My little battle wounds from yesterday (not bad for just getting a chomp to the eye) I'm okay!WTF!? This is totally blowing my cover ~ this was a sloppy take off - I was pushing myself up for a second try!I'm going to have SERIOUS WORDS with Mom when I see her next. Another picture of me about to TAKE OFF. She's totally blowing my cover!Okay this is just wrong! Mom was out on the other side of this water calling me. Me LIKE A DOG I ran right out to her and wound up belly deep in water. I was so shocked I couldn't move for a minute! She made fun of me after this. I REMEMBER MOM!BOL.. ALRIGHT MOM!!, she caught this dog get stuck in the SAME deep spot I did... I didn't feel the need to tell him as I made my way around itmy hips look HUGE in the picture! WTH! But I'm still fast!This is my favorite place ever!IDK WHO THIS IS. BUT SHE WAS ALL OVER. HER OWNER WAS WAITING FOR HER TO COME BACK AT SHORE!this is me landing after a short flight! My EARS really help!I saw this dog first thing in the morning. Had to wait for permission to play! So I made sure Mom was ready!I had to make sure I was faster than this dog so I gave a friendly little TAG and off we went!wow, that dog ran faster than me... I LOOK GOOD THOUGH!THIS IS MY "I'LL BITE YOU BACK BAD DOG" FACE. BOL!!! Nah just playing I dont like to bite! Unless I have to like any dog would!
I was too shy to ask this dogs name. But we played for a while...
Mom and I did SO MUCH MORE. She must have gotten tired I guess.... I had a good day after a lousy one. THANKS DOG FATHER!


  1. Awesome to hear Sunday was a great day for you guys. It was certainly a quick visit for us, but lovely as always. :)