Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday BITES!

So here is what happened!!! ~ Bell got bit on the eye within 5 minutes of getting to dog beach!Here is how it started... as usual, Bell found a dog to chase and away she went!This dog was just running and running... Bell right along side him!So, I decided to take a couple pictures of the beautiful sky and awesome little waves for 8:25am not to mention the Ocean Beach Pier which is in MOST of my pictures ~ when SUDDENLY.............. YIIIIIPE!NOW it was the SECOND TIME his dog went @ Bell that she YIPED. This man THE FIRST TIME apologized that his dog was being too agressive ~ and made his dog stay @ his side. Minutes later AFTER THIS MAN AND WOMAN stopped paying attention to their dog - HE RAN AT BELL PINNED HER DOWN AND BIT HER EYE... This man was adamant that they were playing, we had to SHOW HIM that our dog was BLEEDING FROM THE EYE.. THERE WAS NO NECK PLAY HERE....
So, to the vet we go. NOT EVEN @ DOG BEACH FOR 10 MINUTES and this happened. I was so upset not only that this happened but that it was such a beautiful day - it was my first time seeing Bell in a few days and well, that dog should have been leashed after the FIRST INCIDENT I THINK!!!! (LOL AT MY CONCERNED FACE IN THE BACKGROUND)
my girl didn't even notice much that she was bit (she was taking it very well) unlike ME!
ANOTHER VIEW - it started bleeding again after I rinsed it really well w/water until our 10am appt w/their vet down @ the beach.
Bell here - I decided to paw the rest of this blog. This was after I got bit - we went to the beach to check out the surf away from Dog Beach. I wanted to see what my mom and dad were looking at so I decided to put paws up on the rail too. Lot's of surfers and sand.
Mom took this picture of our shadows - waiting for the 10am appt.

Thankfully this ended up with a positive ending. The owners shown above PAID for our Vet visit w/their vet. It was $150 we didn't have extra and certainly didn't plan on something like this happening. Hopefully this will give the owner of the black dog a heads up that THE DOG SHOULD BE LEASHED from now on, or at least mom or dad should stay RIGHT WITH THE DOG AT ALL TIMES!



  1. YES they should have.... I know how I found you now... my dog follows your dog's blog! LOL My girlie is

  2. Glad that you are okay, Bell! And glad to hear that the other people took responsibility (eventually).

    *kissey face!*

  3. Yes, that dog should be on a leash and that is why Mommy does not take me to dog parks any more, all because of the untrained, aggressive, owners of poor doggies.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. i'm really sorry that happened to bell. lola got attacked and almost killed by a husky at dog beach 4 years ago and the loser owner REFUSED to pay. we had to sue him and even after the judge told him to pay, he wouldln't pay. it took us a long time to get the money from him.

  5. Awww, well I do want to say - the owner told me they've been going there for either 4 or 6 years and he said that's never happened. IDK anything except he was TOO ROUGH for my dog maybe not like a pitbull or something a little more TOUGH Bell is a bit too FRAGILE for that kind of rough housing. Their dog seemed to obey them and SEEMED to be a good dog AND I'M SURE HE IS.. but, he still bit. If my dog were to have bitten of course I'd take responsibility (of course it sucks but it's not suppossed to happen really either). I guess in a way I'm trying to stick up for the dog HE DID LISTEN TO HIS OWNER WHEN HE WAS CALLED AND SAT WHEN HE WAS TO SIT! - never can tell what they'll do, IF THE OWNER KNEW (WHICH HE SAID, "HE'S BEEN GETTING A LITTLE AGGRESSIVE LATELY!" HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT BOTH EYES ON THE DOG. THAT'S ALL :")
    KIMBERLY (and sorry to hear that happened to Lola.. WOW... POOR BABY!! SHE'S SO SMALL

  6. grrr--poor Bell! that makes us so mad! if we were there we would have protected you from the stupid biter!!!

  7. Poor Bell! I hope she feels better soon. No more playing with that dog!!!!


  8. Glad she is ok and that they paid for it, of course they should, but it doesn't always happen that way! I would agree they need to consider why their dog did that but would be surprised if they do :-( dog parks are worrysome that way, but hopefully it won't happen again!
    Moose + Dana