Friday, June 5, 2009

FrEaKiN' rAnDoM fRiDaY

Sunbathin' Sonya
Shyanne watching me get ready for work this morning :) Aww my sister
..this is my Good Bye Nose Kiss from Shyanne....
My fake @$$ smile and Bell on our walk the other day ~ let her play in this grass for a while. The man behind me was playing ball w/his ADOPTED child from RUSSIA and he's been here in San Diego for 6 months. This kids accent was SO STRONG IT WAS REALLY FUN MEETING HIM. He said that he is excited to learn to play baseball and join next season w/the other kids. Had to share that story - this man adopted this child and he's 9 yrs old, KUDOS TO THE MAN!!!
This dog here is Mack. He's being dogsitted by the Man w/the adopted boy. Mack belongs to the MANS 2 legger parents who are out of town. He is a homebody so he wasn't really into Bell wanting to play w/him. He's old too - so that's a good excuse!
Walking back home -
Bell is not a big fan of... "THE LEASH! If she walks too slow it'll wrap around her tail that sticks out :) or it'll get stuck under her leg if she does some of her matrix moves. Or if she's going to fast - she yanks me and DEPENDING if I'm trying to carry coffee or a cell phone, she'll sometimes get a loud, "BELL... STOP PULLING ME". "GOSH"...
After that 45 minute walk poor Lil Bell was POOPED. Or maybe she was thinking, "that was so lame, why couldn't I just go to Dog Beach!"
THIS LOVELY LADY IS GRETCHEN she's the German that I dogsit sometimes...
and also the Pawsome Makua she's so sweet!! (w/Gretchen in the background)
The Lovely and Talented ~ KALIMA ~ she's always dancing pretty!!
I just found these pictures from middle of May. This surfer girl had 2 Weimaraners Bell wanted to play with sooooooo baaaaaad...........
Bell meeting one of them face to face. This boy has been fixed already Bell has yet to have that done. Very soon Bell will be fixed. In hopes it'll help her relax a bit!
so fun to play with other Weimaraners.... they are great!
These 2 Great Danes are so amazing. 1 is deaf/the other blind - but they dont let that keep them from a good time @ Dog Beach
Classic Busy Day @ Dog Beach
and a final SHAKE AND BAKE from Bell...........

I'm very excited about seeing Bell tonight. It's been 2 days (housing for this 2 legger changed a bit) so I will be seeing Bell after work some days and EVFURRY WEEK END of course for our Dog Beach fun!!!


  1. Hi Kimberely and Bell!
    Thank you for stopping by Honey's site and checking in. That is really sweet! We are doing ok. Miss our Honey, but know another furry will come into our lives at some point. Never the same, but always a wonderful addition to ourselves.
    Love the lighting and contrast on the photo above!

  2. What fun we would have playing with you at Dog Beach. We love seeing all your new friends and what a good time you have.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  3. Boy, you sure have a lot of friends!!! How fun!!!


  4. Love the Weim group pictures. How cute.

    Back when I volunteeted at the rescue (that's now closed) we had two Weimies. I miss them; they were such unique dogs.

  5. Hey Bell-
    How fun is that- playing with other Weimies! i luv the photo of you looking at each other.

    Sounds like your mommie missed you! maybe she'll give you lots of belly rubs & treatie treats.... milk it, if you know what i mean:)


  6. Hey Kim.

    Those were some great pictures. I loved what you said about the great danes.

    I am a big fan of the "Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Santuary". It's a sanctuary for disabled animals - dogs, cats and horses. If you are interested in learning about them go visit their site:

    they have a blog too!! Steve, one of the co-founders, writes on the blog 5 days a week to keep all the supporters up-to-date on the animals. :)