Monday, June 29, 2009

holding us over...

So, Mama is busy doing workie and stuff - but I gave her permission to post her link on MY DOGGY BLOGGY so she can show off her pictures from the San Diego County Fair on Saturday.. Enjoy the pictures - she said she might post more later..
I only had walkies this week end because mama put me on a time out from Doggy Beach so that my allergies can get better and we can better figure out WHY MY SKIN IS SO SENSITIVE. The vet guy said it's because of something in the air in my city. WTF. SERIOUSLY? Is that possible.. I take medicine's and I am getting better since I've stayed in and no fun play for a week :( BOOOOOOO!
Okay - go see my mama's bloggy! Make her happy....

Bell girl


  1. My Mom is going to visit your Moms blog and I am sorry that you have skin itchies.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Hi Bell, sorry to hear about the skin, try herbal medicine I've tried that and it worked on me. BTW I got a photo of my tongue out, would you care for a visit to my blog and see if that tongue is a sure win hahahahehehe.