Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi Evfurryone..... It's Bell!!!!

Wow - I've been gone for tooooo long - I missed visiting with all my bloggy furiends and sharing my tails... oops Tales.
In this first picture - Mama made me swim. I guess I can doggy paddle after all!
Here is Mama laughing @ me while the waves are scary for me (it wasn't deep, only when a wave would pass)here I am just chillin' walkin' on the beachy lookin' for my next furfriend to play wiffsand found him - it's my boyfriend Bullet - he's an Italian Greyhound and he's got the HOTS FOR ME! ~ that's his boy sitting in the picture wiffs us. He always comes alone - and hangs out w/me and mom (we like that too cuz he's too young to be alone) here I am standing next to Mama's friend Summer's legs. I'm trying to hide from the boy dogs - they are all ovfurr me today. Mama went back into the waters so of course I gotta go wiff herand running it outthis is TILLY - she's a CHIHUAHUA AND PITBULL mix.. HOW COOL STRANGE WEIRD IS THAT!?WOAH CLOSE CALL!HERE I COME MAMA!Tilly and I liked digging together she's kinda fun!Mama loves me THIS I KNOW!EXCEPT FOR WHEN SHE MAKES ME SWIM, I'M NOT SURE I LIKE THAT PART...OH MAMA PLEASE HELP MEFINALLY BACK ON THE SAND - THIS DOGGY PLAYED WIFFS ME FOR A LONG TIMEPART II OF MY BLOGGY - TAKES US TO MY HOUSE - GUESS WHAT?! WE HAVE A KITTEN... HER NAME IS PRINCESS ~ Mama brought her home for Hailey - that's my hooman sister. Princess is only 9 or 10 weeks old and she's great - FOR HAILEY THAT IS!SHE IS A CUTE KITTY HUHSHE STAYS IN HAILEY'S ROOM TOO - THAT'S MY FAVORITE..Someone let the kitty outta the room - and here's her not looking too happy wiffs meshe plays wiffs Hailey's feets under the blankies... nope. she really dont like me... I wish I could be her friend but her's scared of me. I'm kinda scared of her too though so I guess we're even.. YAH I SAID IT, I'M AFRAID OF A KITTEN.. there is a reason for this...simma down kitten goshso, here's my drive way - I got lots of room to run @ my new housey..This is my new boyfriend Duke... I have so much fun's wiffs him. He lives on our property too - he belongs to the landlord. he's kinda chunky but I like my boys big BOLhe can keep up wiffs me pretty good fur a big boymama HATES when I run in the mudd. Since this picture - the grass is all the way to that brick thingy so it's really pretty and Mama dont have to clean offs my feets anymorehere is my HOME... it's so pretty & I love it here.This IS A BAD KITTY - WE CALL IT A LION AND SHE IS "FIERCE". She attacked me, not just a little slap on the face.. Her daddy actually had to pull her off of me. I was crying and didn't know what to do. She is so mean. This used to be her house - and she lives in the other house now but she's still protective of her DOMAIN. She's okay if she's far far away from mehere is Mama holding me back. I wanted to go say Hi again - but.. Mama was afraid she'd attack me again - and she did - just not this time. I've been attacked by this cat 3 different times SHE'S JUST DAMN MEAN now she's hiding under MY DADDY'S truck... who does this kitty thing she is??haven't I grown??? I am longer now and gettin' to be a big girl.. I'm going to be 1 years old on September 9th, 1 more month..Wipe your paws before you come into my housey... Duke is the best furfriend I've evfurr had. He's so mellow and let's me wreste w/him sometimes... Look @ this crazy move I did..Here's us playing CATCH... Duke is so funny - he can only run fast fur so long... then look what he did BOLHE HID HIS FACE SO I COULDN'T SEE HIM. HE'S SO SILLY.. I TOTALLY SEE THAT BUTT!ZOOOMIES UP THE SIDE OF THE HILLHE CANT ESCAPE MY FAST FEETSi'M FLYING i'm really flying... okay maybe not but it felt like it ... this is Kitty on the roof of their house - and Duke waiting to be let out so we can play... we like to play bitey face games.. they are the best.. we try to see who can look the meanestI just love love love my Duke boycrazy ears and face - and then cute face :) i'm a great leaper & runneri'm QUEEN OF THIS HILLthat's my house. We have so many more pictures but since Mama doesn't have them all here - and we have a little time - this is all we could do. Just want to say that we miss our blog furiends really bads... and hope to be back fulltime soon and chat... Hope evfurrydog and human is doing good - MUCH LOVE


  1. Hi Bell,
    Your new home is lovely... and thanks for sharing all those pics with us. We miss ya too!

    Licks, hero

  2. Serious ear flappage! And fantastic levitating - very impressive!

    *kissey face*

  3. Bell, we think you are made more for running and digging than for swimming:) Nice new place you have there. Give the Princess time and you two will be furiends.

    Tail wags, the OP pack

  4. Bell, I'm so glad you got a new house!!!! It looks like you have lots of room to run and play. As for Princess, give her a little time to get used to you. Before you know it, she'll be all curled up next to you for nappy time =)

  5. Sorry I missed you guys on Sunday! And we didn't go on Saturday. How exciting about the new house and kitty. Very cool. So happy you all of you!

  6. Great pictures, love your new house even if it isn't my favorite part of the country, looks really nice.
    Watch out for those cats, they can be tricky, ask Dispatch!!

  7. Wow what a great post!! so much going on and you just look so happy in all of those wonderful pictures. =)

  8. Wow Bell, your new home is awesome!!! Nice job swimming too!


  9. Hi Belle!!! I missed you and am glad you have your new housey to live in!!! You have A KITTY!!!?? You are so lucky and I am sure that you will be furiends with her when she gets a little bigger.


  10. Hi Bell. The new house looks pawsome. We're so glad you are enjoying it and have made some nice new furiends. You are such a good swimmer! We haven't quite figured out how to swim without splashing ourselves in the face yet. And the new kitty is super cute. We don't mind kitties so much, but we hear they can be really mean too sometimes. Good luck with making friends with her.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  11. Hi Bell! Well, you have such amazing play times! Everywhere, and with lots of different fuzzies!
    I got whacked by a kitty yesterday, so...not sure about those fuzzies...this one was about my size, but definitely did not want to play!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  12. So many great photos. I think swimming is the scariest thing in the whole world. Well maybe just after that crazy cat! I can't believe it attacked you three times! I sure would have tried to help you! I am glad you are having fun at your new house, it looks like a total blast.

  13. congrats on the new house

    looks great - and the new friends are the best - but silly girl stay away from the ean cat - and be genle to the kitten lay down and let her approach you

    Woodrow - Sweetie & Sherman

  14. Bell, what a fabulous new home! Your boyfriend is super cute and you're goign to have a wonderful time playing bitey face together. Loved the picture of you digging at the beach! :)

  15. So nice to have you back, Bell!! Wow - what a fantastic post - so packed full of interesting stuff - I don't know where to start commenting!

    First, congrats on your new home - it looks awesome! I love how you can run and play so freely - and what a wonderful new friend!

    Oooh, and we LOVE your new kitty sister!! She is so cute! I know how you feel because I used to have a kitty sister too (sadly, she died in Jan) and I was always very scared and respectful of her - and people always used to laugh at me because I'm so big and she is so small...but hey, as you say, cats can be really nasty and scary, especially when they puff up and start attacking with those claws!

    Hee! Hee! I loved that photo of you running and playing - you really do look like you're in mid-air and flying!

    Honey the Great Dane

  16. Your momma gets some of the best shots from the flashy box.

    As for that new cat just be a big brave dog and give her a big ol' smooch on the head. That is how we introduced ourseleves to Doggy Nanny's cat and our neighbors cat.

    -Mollie and Bobo

  17. Its nice to see you Bell. I was just thinking about you the other day. I'm so glad you love your new house. It looks pretty cozy. Your kitten is cute...for a cat. I don't really like cats much but hopefully you can be friends with her.

  18. Hi, Bell -

    Congratulations on your new housey. We like the pictures of you running. I (Hershey) can run pretty fast but not as fast as you.

    The new kitty is cute. Mama, Papa and I went to New Hampshire last weekend to visit with Kaci and Grammy. We had a good time.

    Love -


  19. Adorable kitty! And I love the picture of you kissing your mama. What a sweet girlie you are Bell :)