Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hi I'm Maggie (or Maggiepants, or MaggieLicious, or Sister) ~ those are my "pet" names that Sister Kimberly calls me. Anyway I'm new @ this Bloggy Stuff. She was trying to explain to me (HELLO I'M A DOG) that Bells Blog used to get lots of attention and that I have a tough act to follow. I miss Bell we used to play a lot. But, My Sister wanted me to be the star of her blog since Bell Bell isn't allowed to play wiffs us anymore...
So, I'll start off by sharing my favorite Hiking Trail (ok it's my first trail, but it's the BEST). I got Tilly behind me, she's (NOW GET READY FOR THIS) 1/2 Pit Bull & 1/2 Chihuahua. Dont Laugh.. And Popo she's my cousin.
Silly Tilly stealin' a drink of water from the flowing creek!
ok now, this is the entrance to my Sister Kims favorite spot on the hike. There's a little water fall down here. Only - I dont think we have a picture of it this time around... O well! :)
Ahhh, it's so very refreshing to stand in the waters after this hikey.. I'm posing for a photo (the water fall is to the left, I'll share it next time)..
Cousin Popo needed help getting out of the water fall area. Her back legs ain't what they used to be. They ain't what they used to be.. oops sorry I was singing..
This spot is on the way out from our hike. Another that I like to stick my paws in and cool off.
Popo & Tilly joined me for a little chocolate water too!
Don't know what it is about this chocolatey grassy water, but it sure is delish!
Popo showing off her perty smile.
Well, that was the end of my hike... Thanks for joining me!!
This is Shyanne. She's my sister @ home. She's got "pet" names too from Kimberly. She gets called FATTY, TANK, JERKFACE, AND SHY SHY. She loves to bite my face, and I'm a good girl so I put up with it!
Here I am giving Shy Shy one of my FAMOUS back rubs.. Apparently I pushed too hard, sorry Shy!
She SWEAAARS she's a tough kid, so I play along w/her all the time..
Here I am trying to explain to her I'm going to Lay DOWN. And You should LAY DOWN too Shy. I fit in this bed just fine, who cares that it's Sophie's bed and I'm a big black lab.
Thank you for reading about my hike and a little of the home life... until next time!


  1. Hi Maggie! What great pictures from your hike! And I love the pictures of you playing with Shy Shy too. :)

  2. Hi Maggie!! We are so glad that you have come to bloggieland to play!


  3. It's nice to meet you, Maggie! (Half pit-bull, half chihuahua?!? Hmmm. I'm still trying to figure that one out! Hopefully it was one aggressive chihuahua, and not the other way around! *grin*) Looks like a great hike! I'm sure we'll be great friends as I love to go on hikeys, too!

    *kissey face*

  4. Welcome back! What a beautiful hike! We look forward to visiting your blog more often!