Thursday, October 8, 2009

October ATE tooth-OW-SAND N9NE

THERE'S MY BUTT IN THE BACKGROUND - Mama liked this doggy w/the tongue...Samantha is sooo cute ~ that's what evfurryone say's to hers
I try to act all cool like I'm not paying attn to my sister Samantha - but I'm really out there protecting hers (I think - I dont even know what I'm doing sometimes..)
I know that I'm going to rescue her though if something happens..
she is my new sunshine...
hmmm, Mama must have slipped this picture in of Princess Kitten.. she's about 4 months or so.. she's pretty cool for a Kitten..

This is the front part of the yard where we live this stuffs isn't ours but we sniffs all arounds it

Princess Kitten is playin' with her paw under the door with Samantha
now Samantha is chewing on my collar... - her's a weird doggy..
kisses fur Mama - her's deserves em
here's me and little sister Sam approaching the cold waters
we gots to the beachy early. You can still see where the tractor graded the sand all out
Lookie Samantha - actin' like she ain't skrrrd of nuffin's
Mama gived Samantha a baby blanket @ the beachy - so I'm getting it all sandy's fur her
here I am chasin' my lil Sister... she think's she's a lil scrappy doo
Samantha met Riptide and Tempest today - they dont like her much - I always make my dive bomb attacks on them - when they least expect it - this way they wont bite my ass.. BOL

social hour is sooo funs
yaaaaaay I love a good chase game
mama is getting Sam used to the water quick... next summer she should be swimmin's around
scratch break....
shake n bake.. lol - mama laughed @ my tail is blurry - only thing still shakin' in the picture..
Samantha following in her big sisters footsteps.. SORTA!!
Mama was so happy's so see Sam playing wiffs another German Shepherd puppys..
flyin' butts... they are so trying to copy me..
tag team

i'm a big girl now huh... Can you imagine ME A BIG SISTER..?

here's Sam - makin' fun of me's cuz I'm the hunter dog and she went hunting the birdies on the beachy... Mama had to go chase her and remind her she was wiff's us
lookie that tail - it's soo long - mine is short and simple.. :)
omg... I cant believe Mama posted this picture.. I was only flirting a little bits w/this doggy.
Sam trying to throw a lil paw in here and theres
Samantha stickin' up fur me w/this labradoodle..

I taught Samantha this sneaky trick the doggy trick.. :) her's was keepin' him busy while I came in from behind... all teefy's

I love my Sister.. I didn't think I'd love her the first few days but.. I think I like her's..
dont come close - I'll bite ur ankles if you wanna touch my puppy
i'm totally serious
on guard :)
hmmm, Mama says I is too protective of my puppy.. What do woo think?

this is Ringo.. I meeted Ringo befores.. hes a couple months younger than me and he's same size..
Ringo found a sticky & we played fur a whiles
twisty neck moves wont stop me, I'm long and lean
and I got the sticky.. woo hooo
Ringo caught up wiffs me.. Isn't he just soo handsomes

Sam wanted to play wiffs us but I told her NO..
Naptime - I stole the puppy's spot and puppy stole mama's spot - lol.. Mama had to take the picture somehow... BOL
sAMANTHA & bELL... sisters <3
:( dead pelican washed up on shore today .. so sads they are beawoootiful birdies

would you shut up dog.. jk! This doggy is named Gromit... His first time to doggy beach and I played wiffs him fur a while. Hope you liked my pictures.... :) love Bell & Samantha & kitten


  1. Love all the pics!!! Looks like the 2 of you are doing great!

  2. I love your new header. The pictures are so fun to look at. You are so good to Samantha. The kitty is really cute, you know for a cat.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. GREAT pictures, I'm sure you and Sam will be best friends. So cute how you protect her!

  4. What great pictures! Samantha is adowable, and you are BOOTIFUL! sorry about the birdie... sniff sniff

  5. Woof! WOW what a pawsome adventure you had. LOVE the photos. Today is my 1st year blog anniversary and just want to thank you for your friendship. Lot of Golden Thanks. Hope to hear from you. Woof! Sugar

  6. Sam seems so very devoted to you! Make sure to teach her all the rules of the beach so that all the other dogs will like her. She will want to make lots of friends too!


  7. Wow! I come to visit your blog to see you have a new addition. Very cute!

  8. Havin' a sisfur is just the bestest thing in the whole, wide world and it looks like you two have the bestest times when you are on the beach wif you's friends!

  9. Hi Bell & Sam

    What a day of funballs! That was pretty neat when Sam went face to face with another GSD. She was like, Huh?? are we related? I look more like you than my sister Bell. Oh, sorry for calling Bell a big brother.. mom had a brain lapse & was thinking of Ozball, husky who also has a new sister, Zoey.

    My fav photo is Bell's upside down flirting.. if you want to call it that:) or maybe i'll give it a try.

    wag by my bloggie.. got sumthing 4 Samantha!

  10. Hello Bell,

    You had so much fun. Can we join in?

  11. We can see that You 2 had lots of fun at the beach. We love the beach too. But we dont get to go that much!

    Love the pictures!!

  12. Wow, what great pics! Looks like you all had a blast, I love the pic of the pup making sand angels! BOL!!! The kitten is pretty cute, too!!

    lotsa licks,

  13. You made my mommys heart melt with those pictures of Sam!