Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bell and the Vet Visit

My Baby Girl has HIVES :(. The doctor says he isn't sure what the reaction is coming from. He told us that the city we live in (Lakeside) has something in the air that is affecting the dogs. He said he's had a few dogs w/Hives lately. I cant help but wonder if it has something to do with all the MAKE UP - PAPER TOWELS - TUPPERWARE - KIDS TOYS - BLINDS - RUGS - TRASH - CAT POOP and well just about everything else she cat get ahold of.
We were told that she also has Seperation Anxiety Disorder which is supposedly COMMON with Weimaraners. We will be getting her fixed next month. We wanted to breed her, but the vet told us that w/her issues she keeps having it would be more of a bother than a treat for all. We just want her well. I love my Bell - since I dont have children she ALWAYS gets my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. My boyfriend on the other hand has 2 children so he's busy w/them and I'm busy w/her.


  1. Wow, you found out a LOT of info with that one vet trip. That's great--although I'm sure it is disappointing that you won't be breeding Bell. But that will help her to give undivided attention BACK to you!

  2. oh bless her heart - hives would be awful I think - I've never had them but my mom had them as a teenager - and her son also had them as a teenager - STRESS related according to the doctors - what kind of stress did a teenager have in the 60"s???? Anyway I'm so sorry for bell!!! Mom also said to tell you she had a doberman a million years ago who had separation anxiety when her pups were gone - it was awful - so it's probably best that if Bell has that problem that you spay her now rather than make her go through that. It was a horrible time for all!

  3. Yuck, hives! They're so itchy! I sure hope she's doing better! Perhaps extra cookies might help.....just and idea.....


  4. Poor thing - hives are not cool. They itch!!! Plus separation anxiety also. Sounds like she needs a new friend to keep her company while you are away. Wanna borrow Tucker? :-)

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker